Child Custody
Two simple words witch define how and by whom your children will be reared

Now that the divorce is over your former spouse and you now have separate lives again however, there is one link between you that will never be broken and that link is your children. During the divorce, you both had to agree on custody issues however, now you may have doubts about the decisions you made at that time.

Certain issues may have arisen and you may have doubts about your former spouses abilities to care for the children at this time.

You may have concerns about the characters of some of her friends and other people she allows to be around the children.

You may have never actually been married and the custody issue of your children is yet to be decided. Whatever your situation maybe, we are here to help. We gather evidence for the client that will aid them in their efforts to establish a caring and safe environment for their children.

We at G.M.V.I. have always made custody cases a top priority. We understand that the clients fears for the children's well being are paramount. This is why every effort is made to insure a speedy and successful conclusion to these cases.

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