$97.35-Arrest Record Check
$52.50-Bankruptcy, Liens
$52.50-Judgement, Lawsuits
$37.50-Driving Record
$283.35-Locate A Person
$235.75-Nanny Check
$63.50-SSN# Verification
$37.50-License Plate Or Vin# Check
$378.65 -Complete Background Check
$92.35-Asset Check
$307.35-10 Yr. Comprehensive Person
$287.00 Business Records
$256.00- Signifigant Other Check
$107.35-Stock Ownership Check

All investigations require a retainer, minumum time is (4) hours

These are just a few of the services that are offered by G.M.V.I.
        The hourly rate is $50.00 per hr. for Domestic,
$75.00 per hr. for Corporate and $125.00 per hr. for Murder and all other Capital Crimes cases and $.45  for each mile.
Miami Valley
Investigations, LLC
Dayton, Ohio